Supertitles Are Not the Same as Subtitles

Supertitles not same as Subtitles - Closed Captioning - Surtitles

Last month, I attended a music concert featuring mostly classical and orchestra music. Before the concert commenced, I looked through the program I was handed at the door.  It contained details you would normally expect to see in a program of events: names of the organizers, history of past performances, names of individuals performing each musical piece, orchestra members and who was playing what instrument, degree qualifications, and accomplishments, etc.

But I also stumbled on an unexpected item.

Supertitles by XYZ.

What in the world are Supertitles? I wondered.  Well, I did some digging around and here’s what I discovered.

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Quote: E. B. White on Writing as an Act of Faith

Writing is an Act of Faith - E B White - Quote

E. B. White was a celebrated American writer.  He contributed to the New Yorker magazine, writing musings, poems and sketches with admirable wit and humor.  He also co-authored “The Elements of Style,” with William Strunk, Jr., which has become an essential style guide for writers (and non-writers).  He was also a well-known children’s book author with three books to his credit including Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little.

On writing, he says:

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After Spraying Money at Nigerian Weddings and Parties, Where Does it Go?

Spraying Money - Spraying Dollars at Naija Weddings - Money Rain

Spraying Money at Nigerian Parties


Spraying money is a standard, popular tradition at Nigerian parties. That includes weddings, birthday parties, etc. Wherever there’s a live band or DJ or someone’s phone playlist supplying good music, Nigerians will rise to their feet and hit the dance floor. And the dance floor is where the spraying of money happens. Some folks call it a “money rain,” and others simply call it “throwing money away.”

Whether you paste individual one dollar bills on the forehead or chest of the dancer or throw a wad of cash in the air, the general term we use to describe it is “spraying.” You are spraying money.

If you’re like me, perhaps, you have often wondered what happens to all that money after spraying it.

Oya come, make we speculate together.

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Unique Children’s Names and the Modern Nigerian Christian

Childrens Names -Unique Nigerian Girls Names - African Boys Names

Children’s names are important for many reasons.  For starters, a child’s name is the primary means that people – family and non-family members alike – will use to refer to that child.  Honey, Baby, Darling, Sweetie and other terms of endearment, or even nicknames, are fine, but they can never replace the formal name of a child.  Have you ever met a child with no name?

Me neither.

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Quote: Eugene Ionesco on Why a Writer Never Has a Vacation

Eugene Ionesco - Writing Quote - Vacation

Eugene Ionesco was an acclaimed playwright who wrote mostly in French.  Born in 1912 to a Romanian father and a French mother, Ionesco’s plays or “anti-plays” explored life’s mysteries and meaninglessness. In recognition of his work, he was awarded several prizes including the Tours Festival Prize for Film, Grand Prix National for Theatre, Monaco Grand Prix and the Austrian State Prize for European Literature.

His thoughts on writing and the impossibility of taking vacations are captured in this quote:

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