At the End of a Long Loose Braid: August Fiction Series, Story 4


Welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday! Today is special for many reasons, but two are worthy of mention: It’s the last day of August, and the day I share the last story in the August Fiction Series. Yes, indeed.  This is the 4th and last one (The other stories are here).  This story involves one woman, a man and a loose braid.  The rest is below.  🙂

I hope your August was very fulfilling, and I wish you an even more amazing September … which is when next I’ll be here. 😀

Till then, enjoy the rest of your week!

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An Understanding Woman: August Fiction Series, Story 3


Happy Wednesday! I hope your week has been awesome so far.  I ought to have posted this on Tuesday, but it didn’t happen. So, here it is on Wednesday instead.  🙂 Today, I’ll be sharing the third story in the August Fiction Series.  This one is titled “An Understanding Woman.”  All I can tell you in advance is that it involves a woman and a man (how descriptive, I know!)  The rest … you’ll have to read for yourself.  😀

In case you didn’t read the first two stories, they are here.  Help yourself.

Have a fantastic week!

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Hotel Surprise: August Fiction Series, Story 2



Happy Tuesday! Welcome to another week.  Today, I will be sharing the 2nd story in our August Fiction Series.  This story is titled, Hotel Surprise.  Toba has a surprise waiting for his cousin, Dunni who is visiting from America.  To find out what the surprise is, you’ll have to read the story. 😉

In case you missed it, the first story, Unfriending Mama, is up.  Feel free to read, enjoy, share.

Have a great week!

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August Fiction Series: Flash Fiction on Tuesdays



Happy Sunday! I hope the month of August has been treating you well. I haven’t been here for a bit (what an understatement), but that will change this month.  Beginning this Tuesday, August 9, I will be starting a new series.  It is titled the August Fiction Series.

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