What Your Chewing Stick is Trying to Tell You and Doesn’t Want Your Toothbrush to Know


I have used a chewing stick once in my life.  Just once, as far as I can remember.  Who knows what I did before I started teething.  We shall not discuss that here.

Okay, maybe I will.  Not today, sha.  But for a small fee, I might be persuaded to …

Back to the matter.  The chewing stick matter.

Ehen, as I was saying …

I remember the taste and smell of the chewing stick.  Clearly, it was not a pleasant experience as I have not for one day in my life said to myself:

“Hmmm …. This toothbrush is not werking.  Time to switch to a more archaic tool.  Aha! I’ll use a chewing stick!”

Nope.  This has never ever happened.  And it will never ever happen.

But what if it was the other way round, and you have always used a chewing stick? What do you think your chewing stick would say to you?

Well, I imagined it and decided to share it.   Read more

What if Nigerians did not Crash Weddings?


I suppose you read the title.  Wishful thinking, ba?

From time immemorial, Nigerians have always crashed weddings.  Okay, I know “crashing” sounds like a bad word, but if you were not invited to the wedding, i.e. you did not get an invitation card, or some sort of invite, then you’re a wedding crasher.  Simple.

Yoruba people call it “Mo gbo, Mo ya,” which literally means “I heard, and I branched / stopped by,” and it applies not just to weddings, but to any kind of celebration: birthdays, house-warming, etc.  Once they hear about it, they shall be there.   Read more


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About Sharon

Writer of Fiction. Taker of Pictures. Lover of Humor.

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