In the beginning, I was ignorant.

As we all know, ignorance is not a good thing. But here’s the thing: I looked at a plastic bowl and its lid (a.k.a. Tupperware) and thought to myself:

The bowl and lid are soulmates.

Oh, how wrong I was!

At some point, I was convinced that something else was afoot.  My theory was this: As soon as bowl and Tupperware lid enter the kitchen, they start quarreling, and eventually go their separate ways.

You probably read the foregoing and are wondering, “What on earth is she talking about?” Don’t worry. I’ll make it plain shortly.


Maybe this has happened to you: You buy a set of Tupperware (plastic bowls, really; this never happens to glass bowls for some reason). Then, you bring them home (Duh! You can’t use them in the market now!)

After days, weeks, months of using them, you decide one day, that you will do a “head count.” So, you count all the bowls and their lids.

All five plastic bowls are intact.

Good. No wahala.

But, then you count the Tupperware lids.

What?! Only two? And you’ve never taken them outside your house. So, what happened to them?

For years, this has remained a mystery: where did the plastic lids go?

Not anymore.

I have finally solved this mystery.

Please, don’t ask me for any type of proof. But this is what happens.

At night, when everyone has gone to bed, there is a creature that visits people’s kitchens, and all it does is feed on plastic lids. The bowls are too big to fit in its mouth, so it chews the lids, belches plastic fumes and then goes back into hiding. For some reason, this creature never completely consumes all the lids. Just a few. And it claps its devious little hands together, watching you from behind the kitchen counter, when it sees your frustration at discovering that once again, several lids are missing.

Yes, it can clap.

It can also sing. If you hear it singing, please let me know. But, don’t sing along. That would be really creepy.

As for me, I am marking this case closed. I refuse to lose any more sleep on missing lids.

Mystery solved! There’s no other explanation for why the plastic lids just go missing, no matter how well you organize them.

What about you? Where do you think all those missing plastic lids go? What really happens to them? Kindly share your thoughts.


*Pictures via Jane.com and Pinterest

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