Waiting for Inspiration to Write - Dan Poynter

Happy Saturday! Hopefully, you’re getting much needed rest and relaxation this weekend.  Or having a great time. Or a wholesome combination of all the above.  🙂

Before we step into another week, I wanted to share this writing quote from Dan Poynter, an American author, professional speaker and parachute designer.  Yes, parachute designer.

While I’ve never ridden in a parachute before, I certainly agree with him on this:

If you wait for inspiration to write

you’re not a writer

you’re a waiter.

In other words, waiting for inspiration to write is a bad idea.  You must write through many seasons of life.  If you wait for inspiration before writing,  you will miss valuable opportunities to write, learn and grow.

So, you decide which one you are: waiter or writer.  I’ve made my choice.  No, I’m not wearing gloves and asking if you want lemon in your water.  😀

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

P.S. One of these days, I’ll put up a proper blog post, ehn.  Please bear with me.  🙂

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