Anthony Trollope Quote - Writing Easily Well

Anthony Trollope was an English novelist who lived from 1815 – 1882, i.e. during the Victorian Era.  Some of his most notable works include The Barsetshire novels, The Way We Live Now and Phineas Finn (the 2nd of the Palliser novels).  Trollope was known for creating a “steady, consistent vision of the social structures of Victorian England,” and this was reflected in his fiction.

On writing, he said:

There is no way of writing well 

and also of writing easily

In that single quote, Trollope has captured one of the many quandaries a writer faces: how to write well and write easily. For many writers, the two are mutually exclusive, i.e. if you write well, it’s hard work and takes a lot of effort.  And if you write easily, then your writing isn’t good.

Think about it …

And have a great weekend!

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