Eugene Ionesco - Writing Quote - Vacation

Eugene Ionesco was an acclaimed playwright who wrote mostly in French.  Born in 1912 to a Romanian father and a French mother, Ionesco’s plays or “anti-plays” explored life’s mysteries and meaninglessness. In recognition of his work, he was awarded several prizes including the Tours Festival Prize for Film, Grand Prix National for Theatre, Monaco Grand Prix and the Austrian State Prize for European Literature.

His thoughts on writing and the impossibility of taking vacations are captured in this quote:

A writer never has a vacation

For a writer, 

life consists of either writing

or thinking about writing.


— Eugene Ionesco

I can tell you for a fact that this is true.  Writing is always on a writer’s mind.

Tomorrow is October 1, so Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! If you have Monday off, enjoy the long weekend.

E ku igbadun.

To the rest of us, have a great “regular” weekend.  🙂

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