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Spraying Money at Nigerian Parties


Spraying money is a standard, popular tradition at Nigerian parties. That includes weddings, birthday parties, etc. Wherever there’s a live band or DJ or someone’s phone playlist supplying good music, Nigerians will rise to their feet and hit the dance floor. And the dance floor is where the spraying of money happens. Some folks call it a “money rain,” and others simply call it “throwing money away.”

Whether you paste individual one dollar bills on the forehead or chest of the dancer or throw a wad of cash in the air, the general term we use to describe it is “spraying.” You are spraying money.

If you’re like me, perhaps, you have often wondered what happens to all that money after spraying it.

Oya come, make we speculate together.

Here’s what I think happens after spraying money. Feel free to add your own.

1. Sprayed Money is Used to Pay Bills, Debts and Outstanding Fees of Wedding Vendors


This is self-explanatory, but I’ll explain it anyway.

After that sister/friend/relative/waitress carries a long-handled broom to sweep the money off the floor, or that friend packs all the sprayed money into a carton for safekeeping, the couple (or celebrant) uses it to pay bills, debts, and expenses. Think rent money, transport fare, gas money.

And let’s not forget that not all wedding vendors or party vendors get paid their entire fee before the event.


Spraying Money - Nigerian Weddings - Money Rain - Wedding Planner Fees


Sometimes, it is that sprayed money that goes towards settling the balance for the wedding cake, event planner’s fees, hairdresser, aso ebi, etc.

Shebi money is money?


2. Sprayed Money is Stolen by Guests, Relatives, Party Crashers and any attendees

While I would like to be optimistic and say that human beings can be trusted, that is not the case.  Not everyone who attends weddings and parties is a well-wisher.  Some people have “sticky fingers” and when they get their claws on the sprayed money, it’s all over.

Sister, Brother, guard that carton / your purse or pocket well well.


3. Sprayed Money is Used to Buy More Stuff, i.e. Phones, etc


Per item # 1, shebi money is money? Ehen, so the sprayed money will be used to acquire more stuff, such as a new phone.


Spraying Money - Smart Phone Sim Card - Nigerian Parties

The phone you will use to block your tailor


Your brand new phone, with a new sim card, will be used to block the tailor when he calls for the balance of the outfit he sewed for you.  Yes, that one in the selfie floating all over Instagram.  Yup! Instead of settling the tailor, you’ve appropriated the money towards other needs.

We are watching you …


4. After Spraying Money, it is Recycled and Resprayed at the Next Owambe


This should be obvious.  Money that is sprayed at one party will eventually make its way to the next owambe. It will be released on the dance floor, pasted on another person’s body or thrown in the air, same as before.  I am sure there are naira notes, dollars, pounds, etc that have been to more than one Naija party.  If they could talk, what would they say?

I would love to know!


5. Sprayed Money Ends up at Your Local Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or Neighborhood Pharmacy


This will happen to those who stop there to buy Pepto Bismol or agbo jedi jedi ingredients to deal with indigestion from overeating.  Or food poisoning.  These things happen.


6. Sprayed Money becomes Offering Money in Church


Some people go for thanksgiving in church the Sunday following their event: wedding, birthday, housewarming, etc.  Isn’t it plausible that the change they got from dancing the night before will end up in the offering bucket?

I thought so too.


7. Sprayed Money Ends up at Traditional Naming Ceremonies


Okay, maybe the naming ceremony isn’t the day after the wedding.  But if a guest attends a wedding at 2:00 pm, he can find his way to a naming ceremony (or two other weddings) at 4:00 pm the same day.  Very possible.  And if they’re collecting money from guests, then it’s possible that the sprayed money he received will go into the bowl/bucket.  Let’s just hope they don’t put honey in the baby’s mouth.  The fear of infant botulism

Do you know where the money goes after making it rain at a party? Please share.



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