Writing is an Act of Faith - E B White - Quote

E. B. White was a celebrated American writer.  He contributed to the New Yorker magazine, writing musings, poems and sketches with admirable wit and humor.  He also co-authored “The Elements of Style,” with William Strunk, Jr., which has become an essential style guide for writers (and non-writers).  He was also a well-known children’s book author with three books to his credit including Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little.

On writing, he says:

Writing is an act of faith,

not a trick of grammar.


What a wonderful way to describe writing.  I mean, you always start with a blank page or screen and end up with a story complete with characters.  It’s a journey you embark on without always knowing the destination.

Writing is truly an act of faith.  I totally agree.

Happy November and have a great week ahead!

*Image Source: Fabfreelancewriting.com via Pinterest

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