Human Emotions - James Michener - Swirl and Swing of Words

James Michener was an American novelist and short story writer.  He wrote epic and detailed works of fiction which have been classified as fictional documentaries.  Through his writing, he made foreign environments accessible to Americans.

In 1948, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Tales of the South Pacific, a short story collection that also inspired a Broadway classic.

On writing, Michener said:

I love writing.
I love the swirl and swing of words
as they tangle
with human emotions.

— James Michener

The swirl and swing of words … There’s something musical about this quote that ensures I won’t forget it easily.  🙂  And what is writing if words don’t describe human emotions, hopes and dreams, aspirations, etcetera?

What is writing, indeed.

Have a great weekend!

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