The Life and Times of Two Flared Nostrils: Part 1

Black, White and Red make a nice book cover, n'est pas?

To everyone who has read this story already (I posted it on NaijaStories and Smashwords), thanks for reading and commenting.  But if you haven’t, I will be posting it in chunks here.  For starters, here is Part 1.  Don’t forget to leave a comment. 🙂

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There was only one thing standing between Mr. Gbadegesin and the door: a table. It was one of those low-lying wooden coffee tables that had come from someone else’s house and now housed old newspapers in the sitting room. But, Mr. Gbadegesin was not interested in the news that afternoon. His plan was to escape through the front door without waking up his wife. But that table. Very heavy object. He could not lift it off the ground. Necessity demanded that he drag it across the concrete floor, and that was certain to make a racket.

“That won’t work. Mama Joko will wake up, and then it’s all over,” he muttered to himself, wringing his little hands. Read More

The Life and Times of Two Flared Nostrils: Now on Smashwords

Black, White and Red make a nice book cover, n'est pas?

Black, White and Red make a nice book cover, n’est pas?

Happy New Month! March is here at last.  I pray this month is full of wonderful surprises for you in Jesus name.  I hope you said Amen.

To kick things off, here’s a new story I just published on Smashwords.  It’s called “The Life and Times of Two Flared Nostrils.”  I’m almost certain you can’t guess what it’s about, so let me help you out with a summary:

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1, 2, 3 Disappear: Part 7 (Final)

123 Disappear Swirl Book Cover (Official) - 2

As soon as Bade saw the policemen coming from a distance, along with the men who had gone to fetch them, he abandoned his exercise.  Running towards the other two, he placed his right hand on Koko and his left hand on the accomplice, and within seconds, they disappeared into thin air.  The policemen and the other people with them were so shocked, they froze on the spot.  How were they going to arrest a man who had literally vanished before their very eyes?  Read More

1, 2, 3 Disappear: Part 6

123 Disappear Swirl Book Cover (Official) - 2

Bade laughed a warm, hearty laugh and told the man that it would not come to that.  His confidence must have reassured the man who assumed a relaxed pose and obeyed Bade’s instructions.  Bade told him to clap his hands and circle around the woman three times.  He did.  He had barely circled her the third time when he called Koko to come forward.  The animal obeyed.  Bending down momentarily to shake the animal’s hand, Bade rose with something in his hand.  It was the woman’s necklace.  He held it up to the crowd who screamed wildly and began to clap their hands.  The young woman smiled, retrieved her necklace and promptly disappeared along with her brother.  Read More

1, 2, 3 Disappear: Part 5

123 Disappear Swirl Book Cover (Official) - 2

This was not the first time Dotun had seen a creature like this.  He was aware of two major reasons people kept such animals: as pets, and for food.  However, what astonished him was that this man in Sabo market was not using this animal for either of those purposes.  Instead, from what he could see, this man had turned the baboon into a money-making machine.  Whether the baboon objected to the debasing things it was asked to do, Dotun could not tell, because it was impressively obedient. Read More

Let Junior and Pretty Teach you how to Write a Powerful Love Letter

I love you card

Junior and Pretty’s video for their song, Bolanle is one of those videos that has the ’90s written all over it.  The outfits, the muddied beats in the background, the off-key background vocals.  All these things add to the comedy that is this video.

If you have never seen the video, do yourself a favor and watch it here.

As you watch the video, you might pick up new words (and back-breaking dance moves) that you can add to your vocabulary, e.g. Suprization – 4:47

Dat one na jara. Read More

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