Three Mangoes: Part 1

Three Mangoes - Short Story - Sharon Abimbola Salu

Three Mangoes was the third short story I published on Smashwords.  It’s been out as an e-book since 2012, but I decided it was time to share it in chunks here.  Enjoy and do leave a comment.

Mama Risikat set down the large basket of fruits she had been carrying on her head. The small piece of cloth she had used to cushion the rough base of the raffia basket on her head promptly fell to the ground undeterred. It began to unravel from the tight cylindrical form into which it was wound. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

I know this is coming rather late, but I guess it’s better late than never.

My entry for the Window Photo Challenge was taken looking through a window to the front entrance of the Ford Center at Ole Miss.  I did a little editing using the Afterlight app on my phone.  Have a great weekend!


Fellow Nigerians, the ‘H’ in ‘Honor’ is Silent


There.  I said it!  I have been itching to say this for the longest time, and apparently, the beginning of 2014 seemed like the proper time. 😉 Yes, you don’t have to spend another year making this type of mistake.

Now, I have no idea why Nigerians (or maybe I should say ‘some’ because not everyone is guilty) choose to add ‘H’ in front of ‘Honor,’ when pronouncing the word.  I have heard this mistake repeated especially in the National pledge, which has the famous lines, “To uphold her honor and glory, So help me God.”  I won’t even attempt to understand why this happens, but I suspect that the reason for this mispronunciation is the same reason behind the following unexplained ‘pronunciation’ mysteries: Read More

Merry Christmas!


Unto us a child is born

Unto us, a son is given

Merry Christmas y’all! Read More

Without His Approval: Flash Fiction


Sister Dupe had seen Brother James many times in church.  That was not a problem.  Brother James, however, had a certain fondness for very long neck ties.  That was a problem for Sister Dupe, who could not stand this brother’s particular habit.  He wore them at every opportunity.  Church services, of course, provided the perfect opportunity to show off his latest acquisition.  But, the length of his neck tie was just one of two pressing issues Sister Dupe had with this brother.

Read More

The First Kiss: Flash Fiction


Mama Ikotun shivered as she lay on her bed.  She had been suffering from a strange ailment for six months.  The local doctor had initially diagnosed the illness as malaria.  However, as time progressed, and the drugs he prescribed did nothing to ease the pain, he had changed his story.  He was not sure what ailed her, but recommended that she should seek a second opinion.

Mama Ikotun rejected his advice, and had taken to using local herbs instead.  After all, she knew why she was ill.  Read More

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