Writing is like Pumping Water After Midnight

Writing Pumping Water Midnight Lagos

Growing up in Lagos changes the way you view the world.  For me, it has fundamentally colored and shaped the way I analyze things.  So, it’s only natural that a discussion on writing will start from an experience set nowhere else but Lagos.

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Dear Obajimi: An Epistolary Short Story + Free eBook

Dear Obajimi - Nigerian Epistolary Short Story - PDF eBook - Free Download

Happy New Month, and Ash Wednesday!  March is here at last.  🙂  At the time I wrote this story, I had no idea what an epistolary short story or novel was.  But as it turned out, that was precisely what I had written.

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The Melodies of Early Morning Music

Early Morning Music

Happy Tuesday! Believe it or not, this is the last full week in February.  Where did the month go? Wouldn’t you like to know! But anyway, February is the shortest month, so we shouldn’t be surprised.  Today, we’re talking about early morning music.

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Chapter 1: The Trigger – An Excerpt from The Hairy Crown of Mr. Adesoji


Happy Thursday! Today, I will be sharing an excerpt – Chapter 1: The Trigger – from my latest e-book, The Hairy Crown of Mr. Adesoji with you.  It’s an adventure story set in a Lagos boarding school, involving three mischievous boys, one wicked teacher and the boys’ quest for revenge.  If you enjoy reading secondary school stories, this should be right up your alley.  🙂


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12 Typical Acts Church Videographers Catch People Doing on Camera during Services


Believe it or not, this post on church videographers has been sitting in my draft folder for three years.  Now, it’s being promoted from “Draft” to “Published.” Yup! Three whole years.  Do you know what that means? It means that if this post was a child, s/he would be in nursery school by now!


Anyway, it is time to share.

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