Why Children are Fascinated by their Neighbors’ Fruit Trees



Children are fascinated by fruit trees.  Simple.  Not flowering trees because flowers are not juicy or delicious.  But ripe fruits are.  Perhaps, it’s more accurate to say that children are obsessed with fruit trees.  Or is it the fruit trees that are obsessed with children? If they (fruit trees, not children) could talk, maybe they could make a different case, but from my perspective, kids harass fruit trees, not the other way round.

I hope.

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Dear Lord: Please Don’t Let Bobo’s Head Resemble His Father’s Own

African Father Talks to 4 year old son

There are moments when the truth just stares you in the face.  One of such moments is when you see a man and a child standing side-by-side.  Let’s assume it’s a boy, since it’s more common to see a little boy sporting a haircut than a girl.  With some exceptions.  The haircut is important because it allows you to observe the head shapes of both parties without any distractions.  Suku (Yes that Shuku hairstyle) is a distraction.  By the way, I won’t spend this entire post talking about head shapes.  But let’s just play along.  Let’s say it’s a man and a boy.  You may not even see their faces.  In fact, there’s no need.  A mere glance at the father’s ipako (back of head) or ogo and the child’s own will bring you to this conclusion:

This boy is the true son of his father!

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The Hairy Crown of Mr. Adesoji: Published and Available on Amazon


Welcome to the 2nd week of January! Yes, one week has already zoomed past.  Can you believe it? Today, I wanted to share my latest publication with you.  The Hairy Crown of Mr. Adesoji is a novella, which I wrote and published last year.  It is set in an all boys boarding school in Nigeria.

If you’re curious about the title and are wondering, “Who is Mr. Adesoji? Why is his hairy crown the subject of an entire novella? Why did Sharon pick this title?” here’s the synopsis to answer some of your questions:

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The Secret I Have Kept for Too Long




There is something I have wanted to talk about for a while, something I need to share here, for your ears only. *sigh* It’s a new year, so I figured, this is a good time to come clean.  There’s no point hiding this for another second.

Are you ready?

*deep breath*

Here it is …

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At the End of a Long Loose Braid: August Fiction Series, Story 4


Welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday! Today is special for many reasons, but two are worthy of mention: It’s the last day of August, and the day I share the last story in the August Fiction Series. Yes, indeed.  This is the 4th and last one (The other stories are here).  This story involves one woman, a man and a loose braid.  The rest is below.  🙂

I hope your August was very fulfilling, and I wish you an even more amazing September … which is when next I’ll be here. 😀

Till then, enjoy the rest of your week!

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