The Piano Book (Short Story): Part 2

The Piano Book - Cover - Correct Size

Mama had not yet returned from work, and I had already been to Mama Peju’s shop.  She did not have the house keys.  That meant that I would have to wait outside the door until Mama came back.  Today, that option was not-so-palatable.  Waiting at Mama Peju’s shop was out of the question.  I have already mentioned my displeasure at her ‘business practices.’  Besides, she was constantly asking me if I had heard any news from Papa.  In case you were wondering, selling bread was just a front for her real talent: gossiping.

Her shop was the original gossip headquarters in our neighborhood, and I did not want her asking me questions about Papa.  Not that I could not say ‘No’ to her, but she possessed some sort of power over people, an unnatural ability to extract information from people under the guise of being genuinely interested in their lives.  Remember I told you I can read people.   Maybe that’s why Mama trusted her enough to leave the house keys with her every weekday.  Or perhaps Mama reasoned that if there was ever a break-in, she would know who to accuse.  So, Mama Peju’s shop was out of the question.  That left the rest of the neighborhood. Read More

The Piano Book (A Short Story): Part 1

The Piano Book - Cover - Correct Size

The Piano Book is my first published short story. I first published this story in 2012 on Smashwords. I received encouraging feedback and recently realized that I had never shared it here, on my blog. I believe you guys should be the first to know about my work, and I try to do that here. I feel it is time to share the story in parts here, as I know some readers will not read it on Smashwords or on e-readers. So, for the sake of those readers, and for those who have never read this story, I will be sharing it in parts over the next few weeks.  Here’s the summary:

A curious 10-year old school boy visits the house of a reclusive neighbor to play his piano. What he discovers is the ultimate reason why this neighbor does not like visitors.

And now, here is Part 1.  Be sure to leave a comment, feedback or suggestion.  Thanks in advance! Read More

Why We Love Nollywood 4: Proverbs in the Mouths of Elders

Wise Elders

Wise Elders

Rarely does a young person quote proverbs in a Nollywood flick. No, that singular honor is reserved for the elderly. Really old people. Okay, maybe not that old.  But old enough to use snuff from a snuff box, and drink palm wine. Read More

What Inspector Bediako Taught Me About African Detectives


Not Inspector Bediako

In the late ’90s in Nigeria, a Ghanaian television series became a local favorite after its initial introduction.  Originally aired in Ghana, the series took off in Nigeria with much excitement, and quickly gained wide acceptance.  It was titled Inspector Bediako. Read More

Why We Love Nollywood 3: Travel Outside Lagos Without Leaving Your House

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

That is, if you’re watching the movie from the comfort of your own home. If you are in the house of a friend or getting your hair braided when this movie is playing, you have already left the comfort of your home. So ignore that last part after ‘Lagos.’

But read on …

Read More

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