7 Beautiful Ankara Aso-Ebi Styles from Pinterest

We are down to the last 4 months of the year.  Can you believe it? Where did the year go?

Anyway, this time of the year is usually filled with a lot of events.  If you’re looking for styles to sew for your aso-ebi for the events planned for this year, you need to check out Pinterest.  I bet you won’t be disappointed.

I picked a few of the styles that particularly caught my eye.  Here they are, in no particular order:

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8 Mystery and Suspense Book Covers You Must See

I came across Dorothy Sayers‘ books sometime last year, and she is a great mystery writer.   But, what initially caught my eye was not her writing, but the book covers for her ‘Lord Peter Wimsey’ series.  One look at the covers and I knew it was the same amateur gentleman detective that played a prominent role in all of them.  Once you see the covers, you’ll know what I mean.

Each cover is really simple, with a single colored background and a specific male attire on it.  The clothes look like scrap book pieces, and I just love the simplicity of the concept. Plus they look like the sort of clothes a well-dressed gentleman would wear.  What woman doesn’t like a well-dressed man? 🙂

Although, there are more than 8 books with Lord Peter Wimsey, I picked my favorite 8 covers.  Of all the 8 covers, my absolute favorite one (if there is such a thing) would be the cover for “The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club.”  That polka-dot bow-tie just did it for me.  Which one(s) do you like?


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If Your Brain was a Typewriter



We all know the brain is a computer, but imagine this: What if you literally needed no hands to type, but as the words came to mind, your brain could somehow transcribe them all to paper without you moving a finger? Quite literally. Read More

Flash Fiction: The Gift of Crabs


Jimi twirled the pen in his hand, gazing intently at the woman in front of him.

“Sade, how long have we known each other?” he asked suddenly.

“One year,” she answered hesitantly.

“And how long have we been dating?”

“Six months,” she replied a bit faster this time.

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The Piano Book (Short Story): Part 3 – Final

The Piano Book - Cover - Correct Size

“You can play it on the piano then.”  He did not say this like he was urging me.  It was more like a command that he expected me to obey.

Motioning for me to follow him, he led the way to the half-opened door that led to the music room.  As he pushed the door open, I almost ran back to the sitting room in horror.  Sitting on a black wooden piano bench, sat two men, fully dressed.  One of them wore native attire, complete with the agbada, while the other man wore a black suit.  Both of them had their backs turned to the door and sat facing the piano.  They sat motionless as if waiting for me to join them.  This whole time I had thought that Uncle Alexander and I were alone. I was wrong. Read More

The Piano Book (Short Story): Part 2

The Piano Book - Cover - Correct Size

Mama had not yet returned from work, and I had already been to Mama Peju’s shop.  She did not have the house keys.  That meant that I would have to wait outside the door until Mama came back.  Today, that option was not-so-palatable.  Waiting at Mama Peju’s shop was out of the question.  I have already mentioned my displeasure at her ‘business practices.’  Besides, she was constantly asking me if I had heard any news from Papa.  In case you were wondering, selling bread was just a front for her real talent: gossiping.

Her shop was the original gossip headquarters in our neighborhood, and I did not want her asking me questions about Papa.  Not that I could not say ‘No’ to her, but she possessed some sort of power over people, an unnatural ability to extract information from people under the guise of being genuinely interested in their lives.  Remember I told you I can read people.   Maybe that’s why Mama trusted her enough to leave the house keys with her every weekday.  Or perhaps Mama reasoned that if there was ever a break-in, she would know who to accuse.  So, Mama Peju’s shop was out of the question.  That left the rest of the neighborhood. Read More

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