Why We Love Nollywood 2: The Characters are People We Know

I started this series earlier in the year, and decided it was time to pick it up again and finish it.  So here goes!

You read the title, so you already know what Number 2 is, but I will repeat it to drum it into your head emphasize it:

We love Nollywood because the characters are people we know

Did I really have to use the large text? While you’re still debating that in your mind, let me explain myself.

Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson

Unlike Hollywood movies, Nollywood movies are filled with characters that the average Nigerian (and many other nationalities who watch these movies) can relate to.  If you overlook the fake American-British-Jamaican-Portuguese (okay, I exaggerated, but you get my point) accent, the characters for the most part sound like you and me.  Pure, unadulterated Nigerian accent.  But that’s not all. Read More

Liebster Blog Award from The Crazy Nigerian

Last month, Tonwa Anthony a.k.a The Crazy Nigerian nominated me for the Liebster Award.  My ears are still tingling from the good news! This is my very first award on this blog and you can imagine my excitement.

Thank you so so much, Tonwa.  I don’t know when I will get used to calling him, Tonwa because most of us only knew him as the Crazy Nigerian for the longest time.  But that has since changed.

Now, there is the business of this award.

Liebster-Blog-Award-Crazy-NigerianSo, what exactly is the Liebster Award? Read More

Flash Fiction Fridays: Elevator Ride

Open Elevator

Open Elevator

It was almost 8:00 a.m. and although I was already within the office premises, I knew I would be late because the walk from the parking lot to my office was a long one.  That day, at least.  And that was because I did not arrive before 7:00 a.m. like I usually do.  My punishment was getting the farthest parking spot, and in these heels, I could hope to walk into my office at past 8.

I walked as fast as I could and entered the office building within ten minutes.  Yes, I timed myself.  If I could just get into the elevator and make it to my floor without any stops, I would be fine.

I quickly looked around the lobby as I made my way to the elevator.  The receptionist in her neat clothes and tidy hair was on the phone.  She waved as I floated past her.  There was no one else in sight.  Great!
Read More

Flash Fiction Fridays: The Cake Toppers

Disclaimer: I have never written Flash Fiction before, so let’s just see how this goes. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers

The entire bridal train had already danced their way into the reception hall. Everyone was waiting for the two people at the center of the celebration: the bride and her groom. As soon as he spotted them, the DJ changed the music and everyone abandoned their idle chatter to focus on the new Mr. & Mrs. They did not disappoint. Read More


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