The Mystery of Madam Koin-Koin – Part 2

Her Shoes

Her Shoes

Temi knew that tune.  She was sure the whole school knew it too.  It was the school song.  The person – for Temi had decided only human beings could whistle – repeated the chorus three times.  After the third time, the whistling stopped abruptly.  Everything was silent again.

Temi must have been standing near the open door for at least ten minutes.  She did not know whether to go back to her bed out of fear of whoever was outside or peep to get a good look.  In the end, she picked the latter.  She could not remain on the same spot and produce a stream of urine, standing up.  “The Uprightly Incontinent One” would be her new nickname, at least for those who could actually pronounce the word ‘incontinent.’ Read More

The Mystery of Madam Koin-Koin – Part 1

Her Shoes

Her Shoes

Temi woke up and looked into pitch darkness.  Save for the snores of the other girls in her dormitory room, there was no other sound.  Well, except for what she assumed to be crickets chirping.  But it was not the crickets that had woken her up.

“I shouldn’t have drunk so much water before going to bed.  Who’s going to follow me to the bathroom at this hour?” Read More

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