The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.

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The Lost Art of Writing Stories in Your Own Handwriting


Handwritten letter envelope

Have you ever wondered what your very first handwriting looked like? Maybe you have old exercise books from nursery school, etc, to help jog your memory.  Even if you don’t have those, chances are that like many people, your handwriting has evolved over the years.  I know mine has. Read More

Three Mangoes: A Short Story by Sharon Abimbola Salu #FreeEbook

Have you ever wondered what happens after someone buys a food item, just before they consume it? I do.  In fact, I thought about this, and some of my thoughts formed the basis for this e-book.

Three Mangoes - Short Story - Sharon Abimbola Salu

I know you’re probably wondering if I will ever post anything else other than “free e-book short stories on Smashwords” on this blog.  I most definitely will post other things. Writing is work, but it is the kind of work I enjoy. Read More

Nosa's Wedding: A Short Story by Sharon Abimbola Salu [Free E-Book]

Nosa's Wedding, Short Story, Sharon Abimbola Salu

Whoa! Can you believe we are in the last three months of the year?  This year has been zooming fast sha.  Chai!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far with comments on this blog and offline.  I truly appreciate it!  If you enjoyed reading The Piano Book, could you kindly review it and/or rate it on Smashwords?  Thanks in advance.  It will only be a few minutes and does not have to be detailed.  One sentence is enough 🙂

I don’t know about you, but one of my memories of primary school was learning my times table. I won’t disclose how many strokes of the cane I ‘chopped’ (as if I remember), but I assure you I can recite my times table.  Up to 12 x 12 sha.  After that, we will need either a calculator or at least pencil and paper.  Maybe several erasers sef.   But, before learning your times table, you have to learn how to count from 1 – 10, at least, right? I am, of course, assuming you were not asleep in class the day the teacher taught this lesson.  I am also assuming you were not busy using rubber bands to fire rolled up bits of paper at fellow classmates.  Lord knows,  I was a victim of this despicable act many times.  I can’t remember returning the favor though.  How convenient, right?

So, where am I going with this?

Well, The Piano Book was E-Book Number 1.  After 1 comes … 2!  If you said 3, please step forward and come and collect three hot strokes of the cane.  Don’t even start with the ‘I thought they were prime numbers’ bit.  I am not buying it!

E-Book Number 2, another short story, is out.  It is called Nosa’s Wedding.  Like the first one, it is available for download only on Smashwords.  And it is FREE.

Synopsis:  A young Nigerian woman prepares for her white wedding to her boyfriend of 3 years. Their relationship has outlived unusual trials. However, what happens on the day of the wedding will determine the future of this couple.

Here is a short sample for your reading pleasure:

Sample of Nosa’s Wedding

The hair dresser slid the last silver pin into Nosa’s hair.  Then she began to adjust the curls and stray strands of hair on the head of the bride.  Nosa yawned.  How much longer was this going to take?  Bisi, the hair dresser, had been prepping Nosa’s hair for more than two hours now.  Nosa had been looking anxiously at the clock the whole time, wondering over and over again, just how long it would be before she would be done.  For until Bisi was done, Nosa could not see the finished work.  Such was their agreement when Nosa had selected Bisi to be the official hairstylist for the D-day.  Nosa tapped her feet impatiently. Read More

FREE Download of E-book 'The Piano Book' by Sharon Abimbola Salu

I know it has been a while since I last updated, but it was all for a good cause.  I just published my first e-book: a short story called “The Piano Book.”  The best part is that it is FREE, and it is available on Smashwords.


Since it is an e-book, you can also download it and read it on your Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and all those other neat gadgets that make the world go round 🙂 Read More

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