At the End of a Long Loose Braid: August Fiction Series, Story 4

Long Loose Braid - Nigerian Fiction Writer

Welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday! Today is special for many reasons, but two are worthy of mention: It’s the last day of August, and the day I share the last story in the August Fiction Series. Yes, indeed.  This is the 4th and last one (The other stories are here).  This story involves one woman, a man and a loose braid.  The rest is below.  🙂

I hope your August was very fulfilling, and I wish you an even more amazing September … which is when next I’ll be here. 😀

Till then, enjoy the rest of your week!

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An Understanding Woman: August Fiction Series, Story 3


Happy Wednesday! I hope your week has been awesome so far.  I ought to have posted this on Tuesday, but it didn’t happen. So, here it is on Wednesday instead.  🙂 Today, I’ll be sharing the third story in the August Fiction Series.  This one is titled “An Understanding Woman.”  All I can tell you in advance is that it involves a woman and a man (how descriptive, I know!)  The rest … you’ll have to read for yourself.  😀

In case you didn’t read the first two stories, they are here.  Help yourself.

Have a fantastic week!

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Hotel Surprise: August Fiction Series, Story 2



Happy Tuesday! Welcome to another week.  Today, I will be sharing the 2nd story in our August Fiction Series.  This story is titled, Hotel Surprise.  Toba has a surprise waiting for his cousin, Dunni who is visiting from America.  To find out what the surprise is, you’ll have to read the story. 😉

In case you missed it, the first story, Unfriending Mama, is up.  Feel free to read, enjoy, share.

Have a great week!

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August Fiction Series: Flash Fiction on Tuesdays



Happy Sunday! I hope the month of August has been treating you well. I haven’t been here for a bit (what an understatement), but that will change this month.  Beginning this Tuesday, August 9, I will be starting a new series.  It is titled the August Fiction Series.

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Episode 17: Good Guys Finish Last | Falling in Love With My Best Friend


Contemporary Nigerian Romance Fiction Story Series

Happy Tuesday! It’s exactly one week to the end of the month.  Can you believe it? May will be gone in 7 days.  (*singing* “May, oya pack your load!”) 😀  I hope your week has been awesome so far.  Today, I will be sharing another episode of our current Nigerian Romance story series, Falling in Love With My Best Friend.  In this episode, we explore the popular saying that “Good Guys Finish Last” through the eyes of Enitan and her brother, Tayo.

If you haven’t read Episode 1, it’s here.  Help yourself.  🙂

Have a great week!

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