Shine Your Eye: Part 4

  If you missed the first three parts, you might want to start from Part 1.  Here’s a direct link to the entire series:   Shine Your Eye   But if you’ve been following regularly, thanks for the support … And let me stop yarning.  Here’s Part 4.... Read More

Shine Your Eye: Part 3

Yes, I know it’s long overdue and I said I would and …. and …. I’m sorry. The End. Okay, not quite. I finally finished editing and putting it together, so there’ll be no more gaps.  The other parts will be up on Thursday and Friday.... Read More

Shine Your Eye: Part 2

  Many apologies for being MIA for this long.  But, it was all for a good cause, i.e. writing.  I’ve been working on a few stories, and needed some time off.  Hope you understand.  I actually finished writing the draft of this story about a month ago, but... Read More

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