Contemporary Nigerian Romance Fiction Story Series

The title speaks for itself, but further explanations are necessary, ba? I have decided to discontinue posting weekly episodes of “Falling in Love with My Best Friend” (a.k.a Enitan and Tokunbo’s story) to my blog. Why?

Recently, I discovered several of my stories (long, short, it didn’t even matter), including the ones only published as e-books, copied and pasted onto various Facebook pages, personal accounts and numerous websites. As a rule, I don’t post my stories anywhere else but my blog and Naija Stories. So, between those two places, some people had grabbed my stories and posted them without my permission or consent. Some of these people even posted my stories under completely new titles, and of course, left out my name. Outright stealing.

This Nigerian romance series, “Falling in Love with My Best Friend” wasn’t spared. Therefore, I have decided to stop posting my stories (especially the longer episode-by-episode versions) directly onto my blog because it is not wise to continue as if nothing happened. I will continue writing the story because I too want to know what happens to these two characters. When the story is complete, I will announce it here, and let you know where you can finish reading Enitan and Tokunbo’s delightful story. I really appreciate all the feedback and support from every single reader, and hope you understand why I must take measures to protect my work going forward. Have a great week!



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