Writing is like Breathing Out - Pam Allyn Quote

Pam Allyn is an author and American literacy expert.  She is also a self-described “passionate advocate for innovation in education and in building start ups that grow up to change the world.”

She describes reading and writing as processes that are dependent on each other.  In her words:

Reading is like breathing in,

Writing is like breathing out.


To me, that is one of the clearest descriptions of reading and writing.  A writer must first be a reader.  What we read, eventually finds its way into our writing.  That’s just the way it works.

And before I leave, yes, I realize today is the last day in November.  Can you believe 11 months have zipped past so quickly?  It seems like just yesterday when we wished each other “Happy New Year!”  In a month, we’ll do it all over again.

Time, time, time …


Bye, Bye November.  Happy December in advance!

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